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Resolving issues with SharePoint 2013 App Store running HTTPS/SSL with a web proxy

Earlier this year, I wrote a post about running the SharePoint 2013 App Store behind a web proxy.  It went over the instructions on how to configure the SharePoint application to recognize and direct App Store traffic through your web proxy to make the App Store functionality work properly. Now that we’ve moved from a test […]

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HP Virtual Performance Viewer offers heat map for virtual performance

A couple weeks ago at VMworld, I stopped by the HP booth to see what they had new for this year and I was introduced to HP Virtualization Performance Viewer (vPV).   Presented as a virtual triage tool, the idea behind vPV is to quickly let a virtualization administrator identify host spots of CPU or […]

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Resolving errors running SharePoint 2013 App Store behind a proxy

First Impressions I have been playing with the final release copy of SharePoint 2013 to get my feet wet and learn the new environment.  The default style for 2013 is the Metro/Modern user interface layered onto a web application.  It’s approachable and welcoming, as opposed to earlier version of SharePoint which felt foreign and different from every […]

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VMware Update Manager downloads fail for Windows Updates

Update: VMware has published a KB article related to this issue.  It is available at http://kb.vmware.com/kb/2018897. Several months ago, our VMware Update Manager simply stopped updating from its Shavlik repository.  It seemed to only affect Windows patches being downloaded and the VMware patches continued without any issues.  After a few months of troubleshooting with VMware support, a […]

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HP Discover 2012: Decrease time to value with HP AppSystem solutions

Five click and you’re in business.  That’s the value pitch for HP’s AppSystem product offerings for various database and software products I received from Martin Whittaker, Vice President of Systems and Solutions Engineering.  And given the amount of time that I’ve invested and seen my coworkers invest into bringing various solutions online, there is an […]

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Microsoft SCCM 2012 puts structure around client software

Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2012 has blossomed into a fairly amazing product and I’ve spent my week in Microsoft Official training for how to administer the product.  As the week wore on, I can’t help but think that this product looks an amazing amount like the cloud automation products I have seen that cater […]

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Are certifications important to an IT career?

It has been a while since I’ve posted anything substantial on the blog.  The past couple months have been an incredibly busy season for me.  Week before last, I studied for and passed my VCP5 certification exam, updating my VMware certification to the latest revision just before the deadline for upgrading it without taking class. […]

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IP to the TV: a random collection of thoughts

Its a very interesting time for the ole’ television.  For the majority of my life, and probably the lives of many older than me, TV has not changed much.  Sure, there was that big transition from black and white to color, but since then, TV has been largely the same.  In recent years, a big […]

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Microsoft officially kills Money (updated)

I’ve been a loyal Microsoft Money user since 2004 – well, maybe 2003.  My transaction logs go back to mid-2004, but I think I decided to start over with a new data file in 2004.  I’d played with MS Money since 2003 sometime, but I seriously approached it in 2004.  Yesterday, I learned, Microsoft will […]

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Con-call to discuss VMware View

Not long ago, we did a demo of VMware’s VDI product at HTC.  To be honest, we were underwhelmed at the time.  Fast forward to December and VMware remedied that problem with the release of VMware View.  We are just in the beginnings of the trial for the View 3.0 product and we haven’t gotten […]

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