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HP Officejet Pro X: The serious inkjet for business

Inkjet printers are the predominant type of printers used in homes because of their low price, the low price of their ink and the versatility – handling color print jobs, photos and business prints with ease.  And while inkjet became king of the home, laser printers became king of the enterprise.  In the office, laser […]

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HP’s Tom Joyce talks converged infrastructure and HP’s new Converged Systems Group

Like most things, IT concepts tend to be cyclical.  Many years ago, Windows and Linux on x86 hardware changed the course of purpose-built solutions, moving customers to what became industry standard servers.  Before them, customers bought proprietary hardware with proprietary storage and proprietary software. Now, the complexities of deploying industry standard servers are moving customers back to […]

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HP enhances 3PAR StoreServ Peer Persistence with automatic failover

VMware Metro Storage Clusters running on top of 3PAR StoreServ storage have gotten an added boost of automation.  HP announced 3PAR OS 3.1.2 MU2 during HP Discover two weeks back and one of the features that it introduced is a quorum witness node to assist in Peer Persistence installations.  Peer Persistence is the HP 3PAR […]

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HP’s Moonshot powering its corporate website, web farms

HP’s Proliant Moonshot servers are powering its website, serving up 300,000 visits per month on less than it takes to power 12, 60-watt light bulbs, says executives, including Meg Whitman, during their keynotes this week at HP Discover.  The Proliant Moonshot platform was officially launched to the public in April and first ships with cartridges with low-power Intel […]

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Whitman looks to assure customers and partners of HP’s future

HP CEO Meg Whitman used the first keynote of this week’s HP Discover to assure customers and partners that HP is returning to health and is here to stay for the long term. The hour long keynote kicked off with special guest Kevin Bacon playing up his 6 degree’s notoriety and talking about the connectedness of people. […]

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HP Storage is touting unified architectures for the future

Its all about unified approaches for HP Storage as they push forward into the future.  David Scott, senior vice president and general manager of HP Storage, has spent a lot of time during HP Discover talking about HP’s unified approach in storage architectures as opposed to competitor’s fragmented approaches. In the StoreServe and StoreOnce product […]

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SDR News: An HP Discover Plan

Andy McCaskey with SDR News invited me onto SDR News Live to talk about HP Discover, coming up next week, in Las Vegas.  We had a great chat about what to expect with the show.  This will be my third trip out for an HP Discover and I have a lot to soak up about […]

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HP Discover 2012: HP introduces third generation of StoreOnce D2D backup devices

HP unveiled a third generation of StoreOnce devices targeted at improving backup and restore performance, StoreOnce redundancy and introducing a new interface to handle backups.  The new StoreOnce B6200 was introduced last week at HP Discover.  With the new B6200,  customers will get a 2-node base configuration configured as a couplet (cluster) with seamless failover […]

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HP Discover 2012: Driving better backups with StoreOnce Catalyst

You no longer have to think of your disk-to-disk (D2D) backup device as a virtual tape library (VTL) or a file share repository.  HP has introduced a software API, StoreOnce Catalyst, to the StoreOnce backup line and this new API will see the D2D and deduplication product for what it really is.  No longer will […]

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HP Discover: Proliant Gen8 pushes intelligence end-to-end

HP is pushing intelligence and sensors end-to-end in their newest generation of Proliant servers.  The intelligence gained from their Sea of Sensors is critical to proactively predict and reactively respond to hardware conditions and causes of these conditions.  By logging and analyzing the data from these sensors, HP is hoping to correlate events or conditions in […]

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