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9/9/08 – two very different events, what will we get?

Both Microsoft and Apple have press events scheduled for 9/9/08.  Apple’s event, titled “Let’s Rock”, should usher in a new refresh of the iPod/iTunes franchise.  For a few quarters now, the iPods sales numbers have been down as I think the market has reached maturity for portable music players.  Fortunately, Apple released the iPhone at […]

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Shoe Circus: Microsoft’s new ad campaign

The first of Microsoft’s ads to help repair its tarnished image has made it to the light of day…  The only reaction I have is… HUH?  Is it supposed to be funny?  Of the minute and a half head scratcher, only 10 seconds even mention’s any of Microsoft’s brands, let alone a computer.   And […]

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Microsoft planning ad to combat Mac

Heard on the radio this morning that ole Microsoft is in the midst of producing an advertising campaign to counter the Mac/PC ads from Apple. They have enlisted comedian Jerry Seinfield to star in the campaign along side Bill Gates. I can only imagine how this one will go. For Microsoft’s sake, I hope that […]

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